• Piccolo Presentation at IRTF COINRG Meeting at IETF-109

    Piccolo Presentation at IRTF COINRG Meeting at IETF-109

    Date: 2020-11-19

    The Piccolo project has done presentations on Research Direction and on the Piccolo project at a meeting of the IRTF Research Group (COINRG) on Computing in the Network (COINRG) at their meeting on November 19th 2020.

  • Piccolo European Research Project on In-Network Computing

    Press Release

    Date: 2020-11-11

    Nine partners from leading companies and universities in the UK and Germany (Arm, Robert Bosch GmbH, BT, Fluentic Networks Ltd., InnoRoute GmbH, Peer Stritzinger GmbH, Sensing Feeling, the Technical University Munich, and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer), kicked off the Piccolo research project on October 15th, aiming to set a shining example of European research collaboration in challenging times.

    Piccolo develops new solutions for in-network computing that remove known and emerging deficiencies of edge and fog computing. Piccolo aims to provide new levels of support for innovative applications such as highly scalable vision processing and automotive edge computing.